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How To Write a Fable: Exploring Characters, Plot, and Theme

Fables are one of the most interesting story styles. They are generally short, but include interesting characters, a plot that contains a wallop, and a theme that keeps you thinking long after you finish reading the story–possibly coming back to your memory years later. Remember the tortoise and the hare?

In learning to write a fable, a writer hones their story telling skills, builds an interesting and memorable plot with conflict and humor, develops interesting characters, and weaves it all together with a theme that has value–a moral to the story.

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Injoy, Inc. is also offering a basic FREE Summer Writing Program for students to learn how to write a fable. Sign up here. The difference between the FREE Summer Writing Program How To Write a Fable, and the Write Now! Online Writing Workshop is that students in the writing workshop have individualized instruction with a writing mentor, which includes feedback, critique, revision, editing, and important constructive critique that will help students hone their writing skills. Students in the Write Now! Online Writing Workshop will write several fables over the course of the 8-week class, with an opportunity to submit all of their fables to the Fable Contest.

Write Now Online Writing Workshop

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