Jen McDonald;

Jen McDonald; Contest Winner Announcement!!!

We narrowed down the original entries to 23 finalists and semi-finalists, who won a free membership to Write Now online writing lessons, and were invited to submit a professional book proposal for consideration for the grand prize.

We narrowed these professional proposals down to six very strong book ideas, which included some fantastic fiction and adventure books, and three non-fiction books.

After reading, rereading, and rereading again, Injoy, Inc. has finally selected the winner of the Writing Contest.

The winner of the Grand Prize Writing Contest is:

Jennifer McDonald – An Airman’s Wife

Please join us in saying:

Congratulations Jennifer!

In fact, you could tweet her! @jenmcdonald88

Jennifer McDonald has snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef, skied in the Alps, strolled through the streets of Paris and Rome, and lived on an island in the South Pacific. None of those experiences would be possible if she hadn’t been a military spouse for the past 25 years! As a young airman’s spouse, she muddled through the newness of military life with the help of a few good friends. She hopes to be that friend to other spouses who are married to members of the military with her book, An Airman’s Wife.

As a writer, she’s contributed to numerous military spouse, homeschooling, and other publications including Military Spouse Magazine and Wives of Faith.

As Grand Prize Winner, Jennifer has won a prize package that includes cover design, formatting, editing, marketing, and webpage, free copies of her prize winning book, plus an opportunity to publish her book with Injoy, Inc.

The Injoy Team is so impressed with the quality of all of the proposals we received; it was truly difficult to narrow it down to one prize winner.

We are excited to begin working with Jennifer on this project, and will keep you all posted on the progress!