Welcome to Injoy, Inc! We have hosted a Wednesday Writers program in previous years, but now more than ever we feel that these tools can be beneficial to families and educators. The team at Injoy, Inc looks forward to sharing this crazy school year with you and providing tools that you can use with your children, students, or share with any young people in your life.

What makes these lessons so helpful is that you can utilize them for different grades, depending on the ages of your students. This week’s lesson is about the pangram, so we’ve included a quick snippet about pangrams, as well as a FREE download that you can use to mark the beginning of the year and track at the end.

About Pangrams

A pangram is a sentence that uses all twenty-six letters of the alphabet. Handwriting and typing programs have often used this famous pangram: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Check out this free printout to document your child’s handwriting progress this year. Fill it out now and then at the end of the year to check for progress. Remember: all progress is taking you toward your goal–even small steps!

For older students:

Can you create your own pangram? You will want to use words that use the least used letters (You might remember from Scrabble that the highest points are for Q, Z–(and J, Q, and Z are the least used letters) so you might use words like quiz or jazz!). Or what about musjiks (a Russian peasant–and the quixotry. 

Ready for Some Fun?

Pull out that game of scrabble and enough a few rounds for family game night! There’s no better time than now to enjoy some close family time – and this can count as credit hours for spelling, too ?.

Homework Time

If you want to take the lesson to the next level, come share your pangrams with us on Facebook! We’d love to see your creativity and even feature your child’s pangram as well.