Fable Writing Contest; injoyinc.com

Fable Writing Contest; injoyinc.comJordan Pack is a tenth grade homeschooler from Boaz, Alabama. She loves animals, reading, sketching, listening to music, card games and writing stories with her two best friends. Jordan won 4th place in the Injoy, Inc. Fable Writing Contest. Congratulations Jordan!

Fourth Place Winner; The Turtle and The Raccoon

One morning old Turtle, was making his way along a beaten path. Stumbling on a rock, he fell, landing on his back. He wobbled back and forth, this way and that, but he couldn’t get back on his feet. As Turtle lay there, along came Duck on his way to the pond at the end of the path.

“Please,” Turtle begged Duck, “Help me flip back over.”

But Duck passed by him, not wanting to waste time for he was in a hurry to meet someone.

[box_dark]Do you wonder what happens to turtle? Will he ever flip back over? And how? [/box_dark]

To read the rest of this fable and other favorite fables, go here and download the ebook, and make a donation to the fund to purchase reading and writing supplies for students in Moore, OK.

[quote]Moral: Always help someone, no matter how well you get along, and never judge a book by its cover![/quote]

As fourth place winner, Jordan’s fable is included in the Moore Fables ebook, and she wins a $20 Mardel gift card.