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Fable Writing Contest; injoyinc.comCongratulations to Chyna E., third place winner in the Injoy, Inc. Fable Writing Contest with her fable, The Cat and The Mule.

Chyna E. is a fourteen year old student who lives in southeast Mo. where she enjoys watching nature, writing, and drawing. She wrote this fable because she enjoys stories where tension between two people prevent them from having fun with each other. But she always likes it best at the end when friendship (or sometimes even love) wins over distrust.

Chyna puts a unique spin on Aesop’s fable about a donkey and a war horse using the moral:

[quote]“Be not hasty to envy the condition of others.”[/quote]

We really admired her well-written fable. Here’s part of it for you to admire, too!

It was once known that the cat and the mule were great friends. But in time, they grew discontent, for each thought that the others situation was much better than his own.

“The cat gets to sit in the house and drink warm milk all day,” the mule would often think while doing his daily chores, “While I must pull a heavy plow, and sleep in the cold barn!”

Likewise, the cat was equally upset.

“The mule has much company in the barn, and can eat as much hay as he pleases,” she would fret, “While I am alone all day, apart from the mice I must chase to receive any dinner at all!”

Because of their jealousy; bitterness and distrust grew between the two friends until they could scarcely be called friends at all.

In an effort to save their friendship they went to the farmer to request a switch.

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As third place winner, Chyna’s fable is featured in Moore Fables, and she also wins a copy of the Five in a Row Nature Bundle and a $20 Mardel  Gift Card.

Congratulations Chyna!