That’s where we can help!

Injoy, Inc. specializes in helping authors go to the next level with their writing.

Our writing contest isn’t just to pick a winner, but to help develop a writer.

If you have talent and ability as a writer, we want to recognize that talent and help you to develop it.

Do you have a great idea for a book? Do you envision interesting characters, a suspenseful plot, an underlying theme that tells a great message?

We can help you finish your book. We can help you publish your book.

We will select the writing samples that show promise and talent, and we will work with you over four to six weeks to develop a proposal that outlines your book, puts together a timeline for completion, and defines your characters, plot, setting, and story line. From the proposals, we’ll select the grand prize winner, and work with the winner to complete their book, and then let them watch as it goes through the process of having a cover designed, manuscript edited, text formatted, book published, and more. In the publishing world, it takes many months to go from manuscript to market. We want to begin the process and get you on the road to a successful journey as a writer.

So, you don’t have to be close to finishing your book to work with Injoy, Inc. Have you check out the Writing Contest? Part of the prize of the contest is having the Injoy Team help you, and encourage you, and offer tools to help you finish your book. That’s the fun of writing–the process, and we want to share that with you!


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