[pullquote_left]Q. What if I’m not sure I can finish my book by the deadline? Can I still enter?[/pullquote_left]
A. Absolutely. Part of the prize is having the Injoy team help you finish your book. The finalists are selected from the quality of their writing sample and book idea. We’ll work with the finalists to submit a professional book proposal that has a few sample chapters, a time-line for when the book is expected to be completed, and other info that a publisher wants to see in a book proposal. The grand prize winner will then work with Injoy to publish their book based on the deadlines they have helped establish in their time-line—it’s the real publishing process you’ll be experiencing.

[pullquote_left]Q. Can I enter more than once?[/pullquote_left]

A. Yes. You may submit more than one entry in the writing contest. Students (eighteen and under on April 30, 2013) can even enter both the student and the adult contest with the same entry. The finalists are selected primarily on the quality of their writing sample, so just be sure to submit your best work for each entry.

[pullquote_left]Q. Can the finished manuscript be longer than 30,000 words?[/pullquote_left]

A. Yes. The length of the finished manuscript will be determined by writer and publisher in the proposal process. Some books are complete at 30,000 words. Some–are much longer! Finalists will work with the Injoy team to estimate an appropriate word length for their proposed manuscript.

[pullquote_left]Q. Can I submit a nonfiction writing sample in the contest?[/pullquote_left]

A. Yes. Finalists will be selected on the quality of their writing, and their book idea. Nonfiction books require a different proposal process than fiction books, but the Injoy team will help finalists prepare a nonfiction book proposal to enter for the grand prize.