Okay, we think you’ll bear with us as we revise the writing contest deadlines.

Since writers are deadline driven, you’re probably waiting for the deadline to enter anyway. 😉 And since no entries have been submitted yet, we still have time to adjust and publish the new deadline dates (to give more time).

Rather than run the student and adult contest concurrently, we’re adjusting the deadline a bit! This will give us plenty of time to review the entries and select the finalists.

Student Contest: deadline to enter January 31, 2013, proposal due for finalists March 31, 2013.

Regular Writing Contest: deadline to enter February 28, 2013; proposal due for finalists April 30, 2013.

Oh, and we think you’ll really like this! You do not have to submit a final manuscript to be considered for the grand prize. Since Injoy, Inc. specializes in helping authors achieve their writing goals we’ll help finalists create a manageable timeline to complete their manuscript, as part of the prize! At Injoy, Inc. we know how to help you set realistic goals for completing your manuscript! If you have ability and talent, and a good idea, and you are the grand prize winner, then we will work with you to set up a timeline for your  manuscript submission, and we’ll help you along the way by encouraging you and assisting you with tools to help you in completing your manuscript.

To enter the contest, just submit a sample of your work here. Submit either 1-2 of your best chapters or 1500-3000 words of writing that you’ll include in your book, and if you are selected as a finalist, we’ll help you put together a more detailed proposal that will show us what your finished book will look like. If you are selected as the grand prize winner of a publishing package, we will encourage you to finish your manuscript and publish your book!