Our mission is to help authors publish their books. That includes offering all the services you need to take a book from manuscript to marketing, and everything between the covers.

Injoy, Inc. offers:

  • realistic schedules and timelines
  • encouragement and accountability to meet your goals and self-imposed deadlines (commitments)
  • writing coaching
  • cover design
  • editing
  • formatting
  • ebook generation
  • social media support and platform building
  • printing, binding
  • marketing plan and distribution guidance

Our Philosophy is that the best motivation for a writer is to hold your published book in your hand. When you discover the realization of that dream, you’ll write another — and it will be even better! In time, you’ll consider your first book practice, but if you don’t get that one published, there might never be another. Publishing your book is the best motivation you can give yourself!