Have you ever wondered what really goes on in the classroom? Do you wish your highschooler would tell you about his day, but secretly fear to hear the truth? Would you like to be a fly on the wall and see a typical highschool student’s day?

Most highschool students are afraid to be different, but this acocunt is written by a highschool girl who is delightfully different. She had been shielded from the pop culture, didn’t watch network television, had a peer group made up of non-public schooled students, and was curiously naive about the public school culture. She enrolled in public school prepared to be surprised, but was shocked by the differences she observed in her new set of peers. Surprised to discover that the public school culture had shaped these students in a way that was disappointing, unnecessary, and sad, she began to document her days. She discovered that the public school persona is a mask that these students learned to wear en masse, forfeiting their individuality.

Has your child been assimilated by the public school culture, or is it even possible for them to be in the world and not of it, when they have been indoctrinated into that culture for thirteen plus formative life years for nine hours a day? This book might cause you to reconsider the standard assumption that public school is normal and harmless. If you want to raise a child who is a courageous individual, has high self esteem, can think for themselves, and is confidant in their choices to be different, you might read this book for the interesting insight it provides.

This book is a candid and honest appraisal of a typical midwestern highschool public school setting given by a not-so-typical high school junior. Warning: this book contains language and sexual references of a PG-13 nature, perhaps not deemed suitable for very young readers by parents.

Undercover Highschooler $8.95