Even as a first grader, seated at her child-size rolltop desk, Shari longed to write meaningful words, but although her heart was full of desire, her page was full of wordless moonlight. The years passed, and in the midst of the loudness of life, she has heard the still small voice whisper the words to write the stories she has always wanted to tell.

Her first book, Won Without Words, an autobiographical account, filled with encouragement for wives whose husbands are not acting as the spiritual leaders of their family, was published in 2009, and opened the door to renew her love for writing. That book became the catalyst that inspired her to write Speak No Evil within forty days.

Speak No Evil was the first in the youth adventure series, The Livingstone Library, an allegorical set of books for smart kids. That same year she completed Undercover Highschooler and Song of Rebellion, the second volume of the Livingstone Library. Echoes of Thunder and Seeds of the Whirlwind quickly followed, and she is currently writing Volume V of the Livingstone Library, Wrestling Shadows, which combines the allegorical elements of deeper truths with the fun story about a girl and her horse.

Her latest book is the 100 Days to my Anniversary! interactive anniversary card for couples.

Shari and Marc, her husband of almost thirty years, and their three children live in the quiet country of the Ozarks where her office is a bench under the willow boughs, an adirondack on the back deck, a table at the oak-canopied patio, the lazy porch swing, or when nature balks, a comfy wing-back chair indoors, but with a full view of the wooded Ozarks surrounding the home which Marc built for them.