Echoes of Thunder $6.95

What if circumstances were so dark that you were unable to see the truth, and had to rely on outside responses to guide you back to the light? What happens when pride gets in the way of ambition? As thunder is a reflection of lightening, disaster can be an echo of pride.

In Volume III of the Livingstone Library, find out what happens when a mythological world collides with Rhemawood. Poseidon springs like a geyser from the deep. Zeus appears in a flash of lightening. Will the three-headed beast of Hades devour Orpheus?

Set amidst a backdrop of the legendary literary characters from Greek mythology the four Livingstones return to solve the mystery of what has happened to topple Joe from his pedestal and plunge him into a world of darkness. their tireless quest for truth will shed some light on his disappearance as they discover the meaning of Opere et viritate.