Fable Contest Winner; 2nd Place The Bee and The Hawk

injoyinc.com fable writing contest winner

injoyinc.com fable writing contest winner

Rebecca is only eight years old, but Injoy, Inc. was delighted with the creativity of her fable, The Bee and The Hawk. We look forward to reading more of her stories!

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Rebecca M is 8 years old. She enjoys crocheting, skating, playing with the family’s three dogs, running, jumping over things, gymnastics, and her favorite meal is corn dogs. She likes to watch snow come down, climbing trees, going to yard sales, all things animal, and most plants.

As 2nd place winner in the Injoy, Inc. Fable Writing Contest, Rebecca wins a copy of Fables, Myths, and Fairy Tales and a $20 Mardel gift card.

Congratulations Rebecca!

The Bee and the Hawk

One day a bee sat on a log. Then the bee saw a hawk swooping down.

“Stop!” said the bee “I have a better way to settle this!”

“Okay” said the hawk. “Good.”

“Okay” said the bee “Now, if you can scare that horse, then you get to eat me, but if I win, then I get to eat you, fair?” asked the bee

“Fair,” said the hawk. The next day the bee said

“You go first.”

“Okay” said the hawk.” So the hawk flew next to the horse and flapped his massive wings. But the horse did not fear the hawk. Then the bee swooped and stung the horse. The horse ran and ran.

“So, shall I eat you fried or boiled?” asked the bee.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!” said the hawk as he flew away.

[quote]The moral of the story is: Just because you’re small doesn’t mean you can’t do great things.[/quote]



Fable Writing Contest 5th Place Winner; The Giraffe and The Alligator

Fable Writing Contest winner; injoyinc.com

Fable Writing Contest winner; injoyinc.comMeet Anna A., 5th Place Winner in the Injoy, Inc. Fable Writing Contest. Anna is thirteen, and lives on the east coast. She likes reading, horses, and the color blue. If she were writing a story about her life she would be a horse because she is willing and able to do any kind of work.

Anna captured our attention with this fun fable about two unlikely characters who learn about the golden rule.

In the process of writing The Giraffe and the Alligator, Anna thought about how many people were not treating others the way they should. As 5th Place Winner, Anna won a copy of Shatterpoint Entertainment’s Jericho DVD. Congratulations Anna!

Fifth Place Winner: The Giraffe and the Alligator

by: Anna A.

The Giraffe was snacking on his ice cream when his mom called to him. As the Giraffe turned his head a breeze came and blew his ice cream out of the cone. The Alligator noticed the ice cream falling and devoured it as soon as it touched the ground.

When the Giraffe looked back, all he found was the Alligator sitting there licking her chops.

Find out what happens next!

To donate and download the Moore Fables ebook (A project by kids for kids in Moore, OK), where you can read The Giraffe and the Alligator and moore of our favorites in the contest, go here.


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