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Volume I, Speak No Evil $6.95

Song of Rebellion $6.95

Echoes of Thunder $6.95

Seeds of the Whirlwind $6.95

100 Days to my Anniversary! contains one-hundred tips of encouragement for wives which can become a count-down to your own anniversary! If you use this book as a one-hundred day prelude to your wedding anniversary, it might just be the best anniversary you and your husband have ever celebrated!

100 Days to my Anniversary! is a loving interactive anniversary card you can present to your beloved after you have worked your way through the one hundred days of practical, marriage-enhancing tips. With room to date, and check off the completed tip, and jot a loving note, present it to your husband on your anniversary as the anniversary gift or card.



100 Days To My Anniversary! $9.95

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Won Without Words $11.95

Won Without Words $11.95

Undercover Highschooler $8.95

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Undercover Highschooler $8.95 (To purchase the Undercover Highschooler ebook, click here).

Black Rose $8.95

Silhouette Strangler $8.95