Seeds of Whirlwind

Seeds of the Whirlwind $6.95

Ignoble vessel of decay

Treasure in a jar of clay

Incorruptible seed; new birth

Buried in foundations of the earth

Spring to life; enjoy the light,

Grow by faith and not by sight,

For therein you will find laid up

Inheritance that doth not corrupt.

Release the key, oh Thou Who Art

Unlock the treasure of my heart.

Is it possible that buried within each person lies a germ of potential, a seed, that with proper care can unleash a great harvest of possibilities? If so, how does an individual discover the hidden treasure, and release the potential? Join the Livingstones as they solve the mystery of buried treasure at Rhemawood, and in the process discover clues for unlocking the hidden potential of the human spirit. The Legend of Jair, a story within the story, provides important clues to help them discover this treasure.

Who is Rachael’s handsome new friend, and what will grow from the seed they plant in the deserted garden? What does the mysterious parchment clue contain, and does it have anything to do with the cryptic scrollwork message, mei animus, mei hortus on the iron gates of the abandoned chapel in the woods? Who is the suspicious watcher, and is the watcher responsible for the disappearances that keep occurring? And will the Livingstones ever discover how many apples are in a seed? Within the pages of Seeds of the Whirlwind, Volume IV of the Livingstone Library, a suspenseful adventure is planted, sprinkled with the dew of prose, sprouting garden metaphors, and creating an abundant harvest of colorful imagery for the insightful reader. Here is your first clue to find the treasure hidden within the pages of Seeds of the Whirlwind.

Seeds of the Whirlwind $6.95

The Livingstone Library

The Livingstone Library consists of a five-book series chronicling the adventures of the Livingstone children, who solve mysteries while uncovering other hidden truths. Sprinkled within the clever stories are Latin phrases, mysterious characters, scientific discoveries, and advanced vocabulary that will cause the reader to learn more than they realize as they solve the mystery with the Livingstones.

Speak No Evil is the first book of the series, and is a story about how the children find themselves in an altered reality.

Musicians will be delighted with the musical metaphors that are orchestrated into Song of Rebellion. Young science lovers will enjoy the references to weather, chemical reactions, matter, energy, wildlife, and the environment, while such topics as cave life, sound waves, animal husbandry and even the manufacturing of pyrotechnics is introduced.

Using the allegorical element of literature, readers might enjoy pondering the deeper story that is told of what happens when pride gets in the way of ambition, and the ensuring rumbling of disaster that awaits those who erect a monument to their arrogance in the third book, Echoes of Thunder.

Seeds of the Whirlwind is a book blooming with garden metaphors! Join the Livingstones as they solve the mystery of buried treasure at Rhemawood, and in the process discover clues for unlocking the hidden potential of the human spirit.

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Song of Rebellion

Song of Rebellion $6.95

A dark cloud seems to follow the pretty girl who has visited Rhemawood. Unexplained disasters follow her. Why won’t she look into the mirror of truth, and what happened to the music? What evil deed has caused the song to become harsh and dissonant? The fragrance of the deed lingers in the air as a reminder of something ominous, singing a dark song as the fragrance diffuses. It is a song that cannot be heard with the ear, but is interpreted by the soul, freely exposing the hidden nature within. Along with the song comes a sense of dread, and a need to set things right. Is there anything that can set her free from this symphony of selfishness? Can the Livingstones discover why her life is out of tune, and more importantly, can they find a way to bring her back into harmony?

Michaela Leigh

Michaela was thirteen years old and a freshman in highschool when she wrote her first book in 2010. She was born and raised in the Ozarks, and enjoys reading, watching movies, and singing. She is a full-time member of a southern gospel group, and she travels with her mom and aunt sharing the gospel through song. Her first novel was a mystery, Black Rose, followed by Silhouette Strangler and Unmasked.

Writing Contest For Students

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Injoy, Inc. is pleased to announce a writing contest for students eighteen and under (not older than eighteen on April 30, 2013).

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Not finished with your book? No problem. Just submit 1-2 chapters (1500-3000 words) before January 31, 2013, and if you are a finalist, we’ll help you put together a proposal, and you have until March 31, 2013 to submit your proposal for your book.  (Final manuscript must be submitted in an MS Word Doc format, double-spaced, and should be at least 25-35,000 words.) Student must affirm that the manuscript is original material.

Prize package includes a no-cost publishing package which includes cover design, formatting, editing, marketing, and webpage, 10 free copies of your prize winning book (a $1770 value), plus an opportunity to publish your book with Injoy.

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