So glad you stopped by!

Never considered myself an expert on homeschooling, but Titus 2:10 reminds me that even little things that I’ve learned might be helpful to others taking this same wonderful journey – this lifestyle of surrounding ourselves with our children, hugging them close and living life together, as we teach them everything we know, and discover their talents, and find resources for them to extend our destiny into the next generation.

On my computer screen, the words scroll by, “Find the joy” to remind me that the moments matter.



  • I know responsibility.
  • I know diligence.
  • I know intensity.
  • I know focus and drive and determination.


But I want to know JOY!

I’ve been Martha, but I want to be Mary!

This blog will document some of the things I’ve learned along the way that might be helpful to you, but mainly, I want us to find the joy together. The days of drudgery and endless sameness end all too quickly, and some day you will yearn to gather that tongue-tied sticky-faced ragamuffin for a sweet tight hug but your arms are empty because she has grown and flown! So, let’s take a deep breath together and enjoy this moment NOW!

You can also find encouragement for wives at my blog, and my monthly marriage column at Home Educating Family.

All joy!