October 31, 2014

How to Make Three-Step Spaghetti for Your Picky Eaters

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Written by: Denise
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Spaghetti On Blue Plate

Suppertime is approaching, and I need a plan, so  I poll my family to get ideas.  The girls want someone to go to town for pizza (as if).  I want to make hot dogs and tater tots (for their nutritional value as well as ease of preparation), but Alexander had a hot dog yesterday for lunch.  Dad just wants food.  So, after some discussion and a quick glance at the pantry, we decide: spaghetti it is, with a side order of French fries.



It begins like a normal spaghetti dinner…boil water, brown meat, heat oil for fries.  You probably already know what to do from here.  I like keeping the fixin’s for simple meals like this on hand as a good  “go-to” option on those days when I’m extra disorganized busy.

After those first three steps, your meal prep may continue normally.  But if you have picky, particular eaters like I do, you might find yourself taking these additional three steps.  They go like this:

  1. After draining the cooked noodles, call Child #1 in to retrieve her PLAIN spaghetti noodles and just-for-her (alright, I stole a few) side order of French fries.  She is a picky eater, and a vegetarian.
  2. Add sauce to the noodles.  Summon Child #2 in to dish up her SAUCED BUT MEAT-FREE spaghetti.  She is not picky, but is a vegetarian.
  3. Add browned meat to the sauced noodles for the non-picky, non-vegetarian family members, and serve.


I’m a bit of an at-home short-order cook.  One of my children has always had a picky palate.  When she was little, I just fed her what she would eat, even if it meant I had to prepare for her something different from what the rest of us were eating.  That practice has continued through the years.

Now, with both of the girls being vegetarians, there’s an additional reason for made-to-order meals.  So that’s what we do here.

Some people subscribe to the philosophy that a child should eat what is placed in front of him. 

 I think this is just one of those areas where a mom chooses what works best for her family.  And for me, what I know is, I would not be a happy camper if someone forced me to eat coconut.  Or raisins.

My children all cook for themselves at least some of the time now anyway, so it’s not quite as much work for me as it used to be.  Plus, I know they appreciate the extra effort on my part, and that makes it all worth it to me.


Do you  have a picky eater in your family?  What tips do you have for handling meal time?

– Denise



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