July 12, 2014

How To Homeschool Science Without a Curriculum

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Written by: Shari
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When I first started homeschooling, I didn’t know what curriculum to choose, and the thought of spending big bucks on something that I’d be stuck with for a year was a little overwhelming. Since I’d helped compile a curriculum database when I worked for a public school, I knew what learning objectives were required for each grade level. So, I just decided to make sure we covered those objectives—any way we could.

Instead of purchasing a boxed curriculum for kindergarten, I just bought a handwriting book and a math book. The rest of my educational budget was spent on lots of hands-on learning books, educational toys, and field-trip activities.

My kindergarten science curriculum cost less than $5, and was a truly outside the box/inside the box idea!

I purchased an index card box, some index cards, and some alphabetical tab dividers. Each day (about the time that I was beginning to run out of patience), I’d send the child outside on a Nature Hunt. They simply had to go outside and explore until they found something interesting. Depending on the frustration level of the day, I’d make the scavenger hunt a little more challenging, so they’d be gone a little longer (like looking for a butterfly in January)!

When they came in with their treasure, the real learning began!

  • We’d classify it as to whether it was animal, plant, or mineral.
  • If it was an animal, then we’d examine it further and discuss its physical characteristics, habitat,where it was in the food chain, and classify it according to its taxonomy (insect, reptile, mammal).
  • We sounded out the letters of the name, and wrote it on the card
  • We wrote some simple things on the back of the card. Or, the child would tell how or where they found it, or some interesting facts, and I’d write it on the back of the card.
  • We wrote the date on the card.
  • Using wide clear tape we mounted the treasure on the card. If it was a large item (or alive), we just drew a picture.
  • If we had a book about the item, (like The Adventures of Frog and Toad) we’d read it together.
  • We filed the card alphabetically in the box.

Many days their nature walk prompted more exploration when we wanted to know more about a frog, or a walking stick, or how to create a habitat for a caterpillar cocoon. We’d research what happens to tadpoles, and what a cicada looks like after it comes out of that shell. On rainy days, they could get out their cards and resort and file them while remembering the day they discovered each treasure, or they could stand at the window and go on a pretend adventure as they wondered what all the creatures were doing on the rainy day, or they could take a virtual nature walk in a book or online, or create a card about a mythical or extinct creature.

With this activity we covered (and enjoyed) so many educational subjects:

  • Handwriting
  • Spelling
  • Math (by counting legs, notating the date, estimating, measuring)
  • Science
  • Reading
  • Map Skills
  • Research skills
  • Speech (as the child dictated, and recounted their adventure)
  • Art
  • Language Arts (alphabetizing, grammar, punctuation)
  • PE

Best of all, we enjoyed the added benefit of loving science from the very beginning. Science was their favorite subject!

They developed a love of learning, and got some fresh air and Vitamin D at the same time–and Mom got some added peace and quiet!

We had so many fun learning adventures because of that one little box. One day we found a woodcock; we’d never seen one before since we’re outside its normal migratory route, but it must have gotten off track, and we used the discovery to do further research, and look at the map, and discuss that interesting bird. Our Science Nature Box didn’t always wait for its turn on the schedule! One day (probably when a reluctant child was looking out the window instead of concentrating on a row of math problems) we discovered a roadrunner (another bird that isn’t often seen in our area). Suddenly it was time for science as we threw the schedule out the window and ran out the door, spotter’s guide in hand!

Don’t worry about spending lots of money on expensive curriculum. Some of our best learning adventures are free! Teaching your child HOW to learn is more important than finishing that worksheet, and there is a wealth of educational resources—right outside your window—outside the box!

What about you? Have you found a great way to learn that is outside the box? How have you used inexpensive or free resources? What fun ways do you learn with your children? What is your most creative way of learning on less? Have you ever purchased an expensive curriculum—and been disappointed? I’d love to hear from you.

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