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August 19, 2013

Closed: Five in a Row Volume I Giveaway

Our friends over at Five in a Row are sponsoring some giveaways for our Summer Writing Program and Fable Writing Contest!

This week: enter below to win Volume I of Five in a Row.

You can read about why I love this curriculum in my reviews of Five in a Row and the curriculum for even younger children, Before Five in a Row.

Five in a Row might be the only pre-school curriculum you need!

The best way to get ten easy entries is to like the Injoy, Inc. Facebook page –and then you’ll get the news first when we post a status about contests and other writing goodies.

And while you’re here, enter your address into the Summer Writing Program form to get an upcoming email with a free goodie for everyone on our mailing list (and another chance to win a Five in a Row product)!

Remember: you can tweet about the contest every day to get more entries!

five in a row fun;






a Rafflecopter giveaway

This is what my copy looks like! I’ve had it for a long time, and never plan to part with it! Those are some of my favorite memories–cuddling with the kids and reading Ping and Lentil!

Five in a Row;









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  1. I would love to win this for my youngest. Thanks.

  2. Kelli A.

    I have a friend who uses this and she really likes it. Would love to give it a try with our school.

  3. Dena angeles

    I would love to win this for my daughter. She absolutely loves reading and I hear a great deal of positive feedback for this curriculum.

  4. I would love to win this to use with my little girl. It sounds like a great resource!

  5. Judith Martinez

    I love FIAR because it’s so simple and straight forward! I checked it out from the library once and really liked it.

  6. My youngest 2 would love this curriculum. I can already tell that they (girls) are learning very differently from their 2 older brothers. This would be a nice difference for them. Thank you!

  7. Ally

    I would love to win this because I can’t afford to buy it! It looks like such an excellent resource!

  8. Alicia Winkler

    I just love the ideasand activities pre planned in five in a row. This would be great for my youngest and my miiddle.

  9. Amber

    I would love to win this! I’ve heard really great things about it, and in my previous life I was a librarian (before I had kids, that is), and I love the idea of a whole curriculum revolving around reading quality kids literature!

  10. I love FIAR. I keep checking the manuals and books out from the library.

  11. Leigh Browne

    I would love to win a copy for my sweet children! Thanks!! :)

  12. Danielle

    I would like to win because I have three “littles” that could use it right now. Thanks for the entry!

  13. Susan

    This sounds good. Would use it for my boys.

  14. Ohhhh, I would love this! I already have the books but not the manual! Hoping to use it thus fall!

  15. Carrie

    I love literature based learning! Doing Before Five now and would love to have this one on my shelf for next year!

  16. Crystal G.

    We’re starting homeschool kindergarten in two weeks and we’ll be doing FIAR Volume I. I’d LOVE to win my own copy.

  17. I would love to win a copy of this. I have such wonderful memories of using it with my 11 year old son. I plan on using it again with my almost 5 year old.

  18. Angela S.

    I had a copy, and decided to give it away. I’m sure it’s well loved now, but I really miss it! I hate to say it, but I kind of regret letting it go. :( Having another copy would help fill the void.

  19. Jessica

    I have been wanting to try this with my kids for so long and would love to win it!

  20. I would love to win this for my two youngest children. I’ve heard wonderful things about Five in a Row.

  21. kimberly

    I love that learning comes naturally as an outgrowth of reading. I LOVE TO READ!!! :)

  22. I love FIAR, great curriculum with quality literature.

  23. Patrick McColley

    We have been looking for fiar materials for a while but just cannot seem to find anything affordable. This give away is a real blessing. Fingers crossed.

  24. Nicole Auld

    I would love to win. THanks for allowing me to participate.

  25. Annie

    Looking forward to precious reading time w my 6 and 4 yr olds – both with and w/o FIAR! Would love to have my own copy. :)

  26. I love the look of FIAR! This would be so exciting to win!

  27. Would love to win. Doing BFIAR now and love it.

  28. Jessica

    We are doing before five in a row right now and I would really like to move on to five in a row when we are ready! So this would be great to win!

  29. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  30. Rachel Kimball

    I would love to win this to use for our first year homeschooling. I have heard such wonderful things about FIAR!

  31. I love the books, and the idea of unit studies, and would love to use FIAR for my son’s education, but we are incredibly short on money, so winning this would be a huge help.

  32. Kelly Kawczynski

    Love the quality books of books used in FIAR. Would love to try this out in our homeschool!

  33. Jennifer Fagan

    I’m excited about this giveaway!

  34. Hilary

    Currently using BFIAR. Looking forward to moving up to the next level!!

  35. Heather Van Galder

    Love FIAR! We are starting with our little guys this fall! Super excited since they love being read to!

  36. [...] Oh Joy has a Five in a Row giveaway. [...]

  37. Stephanie Roberts

    Have used FIAR with my older kids many years ago. Ready to get back to it with my younger ones. So looking forward to it! So grateful for the Lamberts.

  38. Karen F.

    We are so excited to start FIAR next week. My 4 & 6 year olds can’t wait to get started, and neither can I!

  39. I love Five in Row, have used it for years with my kids. I’d love to share with a young friend of mine, who is pregnant with her first. :)

  40. Nikki Kratzer

    I would like to win this because I have wanted this resource since I first start teaching my children and I know children ages 5 and 3 1/2 would loooooove it :-)

  41. Laura H

    I would love to use this for preschool! I love the idea of Five in a Row so simple and so sweet. We are not able to afford any preschool materials at the moment. So this would be a great blessing!

  42. Kelly

    Love FIAR! We’ve used it for two years! Such a blessing!

  43. Agnieszka S

    I am aching to give this a try :)

  44. heather

    I would SO love to win this!

  45. Janet Burkenpas

    This would be awesome.

  46. Kylie

    My mother, unfortunately, did not use this curriculum with me, but I plan on using it with my children starting this fall!

  47. Kimberly Bowser

    I have been looking at FIAR for my son, so I would just love to win this!!!!

  48. Crystal

    I would love to win this. Plan on using it next year.

  49. Jessica Ordonez

    I have always wanted to try FIAR! My friends rave about it!

  50. I’ve heard a lot about it, but not tried it myself. My littles would love it, I’m sure!

  51. Stephanie S

    I would love to win this for use with for my little guy :)

  52. Jenn K.

    I would love to win this and use with my 3 yo son. He loves for me to read to him and I have noticed the more I read the same books to him the more enthusiastic he is about the books. I am sure the activities from the FIAR book will be so much fun for him.

  53. I’ve heard nothing but GREAT things about 5 in a row… but never buy preschool curriculum… too many kids for that.. but I REALLY WANT IT! haha

  54. Jessica Fox

    Thank you for hosting such an amazing giveaway! I would love to win. =-)

  55. Jessica Fox

    P.S…I would love to win this for use with my younger set. I did FIAR with my older two. =-)

  56. stacie Miles

    We have been using a borrowed copy of the first volume of Five in a row. I have been using with my kindergartner and my preschooler. Today we rowed Red Clogs. It would be great to own a copy. Thanks!

  57. Amanda Redman

    What I like about FIAR is the ease of starting the journey of homeschooling it gives. I am new or fairly new to the homeschool community and FIAR was the most recommended and I started with the Before FIAR and enjoyed it.

  58. Kris Bryant

    I have BFIAR and would love to win FIAR, just in time to start with my LO!

  59. I love FIAR. I used it a few years ago and it seems my children remember the units we did with those books better than any textbook we have encountered. This year I will be starting my last 5 year old on FIAR….and doing Beyond FIAR with a few of my older children.

  60. This would be PERFECT for our first hear homeschooling my 3 and 5 year olds!!

  61. BlessedCP

    I would love to win this for a few reasons:
    1. I used to won 3 volumes and 90% of the books and sold them when my youngest was 7. Now I have a daughter I would love to use these with and wish I wouldn’t have sold mine.
    2. Our homeschool co-op is doing FIAR with our Pre K-K class and I would love to have a copy to go along throughout the year.
    3. I have little grandchildren who can use this in a few years.
    4. I LOVE FIAR!! :-)

  62. Alicia

    I just had someone show me five in a row and I think it would be the perfect curriculum for my daughter. Thank you for this offer.

  63. Aymee Tolander

    I would like to use this curriculum with my soon to be 4 year old, we have heard good things about it!

  64. Thank you all for entering the drawing and for commenting! It is so great to see so many parents who love FIAR like I do! Thank you to our good friends at FIAR for supplying this giveaway, and I hope that you’ll all participate in the Fable Writing Contest for more chances to win prizes from companies like FIAR!

    And congratulations to Judith, winner of this drawing!

    It was so fun to see your tweets and comments, and I hope we’ll keep in touch!

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