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August 5, 2013

A Fun Game to Encourage Creative Writing

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Written by: Shari
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free writing program; fun and easy way to explore creative writing is to write a fable.

A fable is a short story, often less than 200 words.

Here is a fun activity to help your child write a fable.

  1. Let your child name 5-10 animals or fairy tale or make-believe characters. Write them down, or have your child write the characters. Put them in a hat, and draw out 2 characters.
  2. Name 5-10 situations, or things they enjoy doing (riding a bike, going to a movie). Draw one from a hat.
  3. Create a problem with the situation (something that could possibly go wrong).
  4. Then create a lesson from the problem.


  • An elephant and a giraffe (2 characters)
  • Eating spaghetti at a fancy restaurant¬† (situation)
  • Problem: they have no hands, and the giraffe’s neck is too long
  • Solution: elephant uses his trunk to eat, and hold the plate up with his trunk so his giraffe friend can eat.
  • Moral: two are better than one or friends can help solve problems

Now you can use these four steps to create your own fable! If your child is a pre-write or a reluctant writer, write it down for them, or have your child write their story. Then help them to advance their spelling and punctuation skills by helping them edit their story.

Use phrases like:

  • Once there was a ____
  • One day ____
  • And then ______
  • Moral:¬† Never ____.
  • Or: Always ____.

And be sure to like the Injoy, Inc. facebook page to get all the latest details about the Fable Writing Contest which kicks off August 23, 2013.

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About the Author

Shari Popejoy, wife of twenty-eight years, mother of three, founder of a local co-op for hundreds of homeschool children, author of seven books, and creator of Won Without Words (a blog of encouragement for wives) lives in the quiet country of the Ozarks where she enjoys writing surrounded by nature (and her children, of course). She is currently completing Volume V of the Livingstone Library, an adventure series for 'smart' kids, which features characters with character, and underlying allegorical spiritual truths. She enjoys high places and the road less traveled, and moments when all is well, and peace permeates like a fragrance. . .oh, and chocolate, fresh fruit and veggies, and early morning sunrises. Read her blog at


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