July 17, 2013

Well Planned Day Planner

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Written by: Shari
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I love the HEDUA products so much that I am an affiliate, and any sales generated through the links in this article or blogĀ  give me a small commission of the sale, which goes to pay for my web hosting, and blog fees, and little old costs for blog upkeep. So thanks for using the links on this blog if you decide to purchase your own Well Planned Day Planner!

Today only, (7/17/13) free shipping on the Well Planned Day Planner!

If you have been looking for a way to get organized in your homeschool, you might try the Well Planned Day Planner by Rebecca Keliher. Designed by a busy homeschool mom, Rebecca’s planners are intuitively designed for all the ways you want to get a handle on your schedule.

With a glossy cardstock cover, minor spills and stickiness can be washed right off. The plastic spiral binding allows the planner to lie flat on your desk like a blotter, or folded back to show the specific day you’re currently living!

Each week at a glance includes sections where you can arrange your schedule by school subject, or by goal, with a nice check-off box to chart your progress throughout the day. There’s even a place to plan the dinner menu.

With lots of little extras like a family memory page to note your family’s favorite restaurant or read aloud book, this book becomes a memento of the year.

You can even track household finances, household duties, dates to remember, and emergency contacts.

As you plan your year with the Well Planned Day’s teacher schedule, class plan, student schedule, semester goals, year at a glance, it will be easy to stay on track.

Each month you have a handy 2-page monthly calendar to chart special events, and a place to log books to enjoy, field trips to chart, and even perforated shopping lists!

Plus it’s a student record book with room for grades at the back, and get this–a card stock report card for up to 4 students! I love this planner for the busy homeschool mom.

There are lots of extras that you’ll discover throughout the year, like little hidden gems to brighten up your day like the weekly spiritual notes and holiday organization tucked into December!

One of the best features is that it tracks the schedule from July through June–just like our life is scheduled.

Another reason I like the Well Planned Day Planner? One of my articles is featured in March! Each month includes an encouraging article from the Home Educating Family Magazine!

If you haven’t tried a planner designed specifically for the busy homeschool mom, this might be the time to order your Well Planned Day Planner.


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well planned day planner;

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