June 6, 2013

Knowing God Knowing Myself

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Written by: Shari

cec murphey

I’ve had the opportunity to get to know the online Cecil Murphey through his website, his author helps, and his mentoring through an author group I follow and enjoy.

One thing most people won’t know, but for which I’m extremely grateful, is that the funds from his writing go into a nonprofit account, which is used to help other writers. Like me. I was the recipient of a Cecil Murphey scholarship to attend my very first writing conference, and it became a before and after experience for me. Before. . .I wrote. After. . .I was a writer.

Cecil Murphey loves aphorisms, and these succinct little sayings become the inspiration for each of the sixty-eight readings–that might be considered a daily devotion.

I was so inspired by his aphorisms, that I experimented with creating some of my own about the value of the treasure of wisdom:

  • Wisdom is a treasure that is hidden in plain sight.
  • Wisdom is easy to reach, but hard to grasp.
  • Wisdom is a valuable treasure that can be left out in the open, for it is rarely stolen by fools.
  • Wisdom is easily seen by some, but invisible to fools.
  • Wisdom, a rare treasure left out for easy plunder, but curiously avoided by the masses.
  • You can afford to leave the treasure chest of wisdom lying about, for the only key that gains admittance is the fear of God, which suffers no thieves.

I digress. This book is a treasure full of a wealth of wisdom that would make a great devotional for men, because it is simple, straight-forward, to the point, and well-written. Which is why women will love it, too!

To read the full review, go here.


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Shari Popejoy, wife of twenty-eight years, mother of three, founder of a local co-op for hundreds of homeschool children, author of seven books, and creator of Won Without Words (a blog of encouragement for wives) lives in the quiet country of the Ozarks where she enjoys writing surrounded by nature (and her children, of course). She is currently completing Volume V of the Livingstone Library, an adventure series for 'smart' kids, which features characters with character, and underlying allegorical spiritual truths. She enjoys high places and the road less traveled, and moments when all is well, and peace permeates like a fragrance. . .oh, and chocolate, fresh fruit and veggies, and early morning sunrises. Read her blog at



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