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May 8, 2013

Writing Lesson; Writing in Third Person Point of View

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Written by: Shari

Wednesday Writers;

Writing in Third Person Point of View

Parent/Teacher: Point of view refers to the person telling the story. Third Person point of view is the one most story tellers use. Jack Be Nimble is normally written in second person, but this version is changed and written in third person. Third person point of view uses pronouns like: he, she, they,them, their, his, her.


Jack was nimble.

Jack was  quick.

He jumped over the candlestick.

Writing Assignment

Wednesday Writers; this free printable worksheet. (You might have to right click on the link and open it in a new tab.) Rewrite this nursery rhyme in third person, using your own name. Write it as if a third person was writing about you.

Extra Practice:

Write this exercise again about a sibling of a different gender and use different pronouns, or add a person and use plural pronouns like they, their, and them.

Reluctant Writers:

This is a short assignment; encourage the student to write at least one sentence or one word. Reluctant writers can dictate the other sentences.

Reluctant Spellers:

If the student successfully completed the First Person and Second Person Point of View lessons, they might be able to complete this assignment on their own with a few reminders, or referring to the previous worksheets. You can let them use a previous worksheet and cover one or more words for them to recall or sound out new words.

Creative Writers:

Pick an event about your life and describe it in a news story about about yourself using third person. Use your own name and use third person pronouns like: he and him and his or she and her and hers.

Older Students:

It can be difficult to write about yourself in third person point of view. Write a 200 word bio about yourself using third person. Describe your accomplishments, interests, hobbies, family, where you live, age/grade, future goals. Or, write a fun 200 word description of yourself using facts that aren’t often known; make it fun and interesting, but keep it in third person.

Further fun:

Play a game where one person makes a statement in first person, and the next person repeats it back, changing it to third person. i.e. Person 1: I like ice cream. Person 2: Jack likes ice cream. See how fast you can go and how many you can get correct before someone makes a mistake. Level 2: Person 1 randomly makes a statement  in any point of view, and person 2 has to identify the point of view and then retell it in a different point of view, identifying which point of view he used.

Come back each Wednesday for more writing assignments from the Wednesday Writer.



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