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100 Money Saving Tips for the Homeschool Mom from Proverbs 31 Woman;

100 Money Saving Tips for the Homeschool Mom From the Proverbs 31 Woman

Posted  April 1, 2014  by  Shari

If anyone needs money saving tips, it is the homeschool mom, who voluntarily gives up income to invest in her children, and who (in addition to paying taxes) bears the expense of educating her own children. In addition to other valuable wisdom, the Proverbs 31 Woman left us an outline to categorize ways to save [...]

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fable template
Fable Writing Program

Fable Writing Template

Posted  October 11, 2013  by  Shari

The deadline to enter the Injoy, Inc. Fable Writing Contest is coming soon! Enter by October 18, 2013. Here is an easy way that you can help your students write a fun and interesting fable. Use this fill-in-the-blank template to create the first draft of the fable, and then polish it up and enter it [...]

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Women Need Appreciation

Posted  September 1, 2012  by  Shari

The Proverbs 31 Woman teaches us the value of making investments that appreciate in value when she turned a rocky hillside into a vineyard. The most lucrative investments are those that will appreciate in value in the lives of those we love, or investing in the kingdom, where moth and rust doth not corrupt, or investing in future growth and stability for our family.

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At Home

The Snoopy Lifestyle

Posted  August 30, 2012  by  Shari

Here is an interesting approach to save money that you might not have considered! Live Modestly With The Snoopy Approach One of the best ways to save money on property taxes is to live in a modest home, with lower property taxes. Property taxes really take their toll, practically punishing you for having a nice [...]

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