Irish Writing Contest for Students

Fable Writing Contest for Students

To be filled out by parent with child for students under age eighteen.

To be filled out by parent with child for students under age eighteen.
List your last name as you would like it to appear in online and print announcements. (If you do not want your child's name to appear online or in print, please use an initial or a middle name, or some other name for the last name so it appears like Kate M. from the West Coast.)
To be eligible for contest, student must be under the age of 19 on October 31, 2013.
Contest winners will be notified by email first. Parents who want to be notified should include parent email address here.
Please list your phone number in case we can't reach you by email.
This is a United States contest, and prizes can only be shipped to the United States. Students from other countries may participate in the ebook as long as they understand prizes cannot be shipped.
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I affirm (tell the truth) that I created and told this story that I'm submitting. (Students may receive help in spelling, writing, rewriting, typing, punctuation, and grammar, but the words should be their own.) I will be solely responsible for copyright infringement or plagarism claims.
Contest entries must be family friendly. To be considered favorably for the contest, entries should include no foul language, minimal slang language, should be redeeming in nature (good is encouraged, evil is discouraged), and should not include witchcraft spells or incantations.
You may copy and paste your contest entry here, or upload a file in the next box.
You can either copy and paste your entry in the Contest Entry field, or upload the file here. File must have a file extension of rtf, doc, odt, txt or pdf.
Please include a little about the writer. This information will be included in the ebook and in print for selected winners. Do not include any identifying information that you do not want published in print or on the world wide web. Try to keep less than 150 words. Sample: Kate M., a ten-year-old student from the West Coast loves to keep her family of five entertained with her hula-hoop antics. She loves her dog, Rascal, and her horse, Sport, and enjoys reading, writing, skateboarding, and sushi. When she's not beating her brothers at Scrabble, she enjoys.....
By submitting my original fable to the Injoy, Inc. Fable Writing Contest, I give permission for my fable to be published in the online ebook, and in any print and onlne media or editions. I will not receive any compensation (money) for my fable being published and printed. I also give rights and permission for my fable to be published with no compensation on the Injoy, Inc. or Oh Joy web site with my name as submitted above, for purposes of: press releases, winner announcements, promotions for future contests, future compilations, and other informational purposes by Injoy, Inc., sponsors of this contest. I understand that this contest is a United States contest, and prizes can only be shipped to the U.S. I understand that I can reprint my fable, and that I retain the copyright and rights to print and publish my fable. I agree to allow Injoy, Inc. to modify or edit the fable as reasonably necessary for print including, but not limited to grammar, punctuation, spelling, length, etc.
I understand that the winners of this contest will be published in an ebook, and made available to the public for sale or donation through the internet and other means and that proceeds from this ebook will be donated to purchase reading and writing supplies for students in Moore, OK. I understand that I will not receive compensation for my fable appearing in print or web or ebook material. Any prizes I receive in this contest are for excellence in writing, and to acknowledge my writing creativity, and are not payment for printing the fable in print or ebook.
My child has permission to enter this contest. I give permission for my child's winning entry to be quoted, used in press releases, online announcements, and to promote other writing contests. I give permission for my child's name as listed above to appear in print and online announcements about the prize winner and contest announcements. If my child's entry is selected as a winner, I give permission for my child's name to be printed and published with the winning entry in the ebook, online, in print, and other promotional materials and announcements without remuneration. My child's entry is an original creation by my child, to the best of my knowledge.

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