A book proposal contains several elements:

  • Summary of what your book is about, 1-2 paragraphs describing your book
  • Genre: what section of a book store would contain your book?
  • Audience: who do you see reading your book?
  • About the Author: 200-500 words about you
  • Platform: who will be purchasing your book, and why, and how will you let people know about your book?
  • Books with a similar audience or style
  • Expanded Table of Contents for non-fiction books
  • Introduction for non-fiction books
  • Sample chapters

Submitting a book proposal to a publisher is the first step to having your book accepted for publishing. The publisher reviews the information in the proposal, and if the book looks like a good fit, you may be invited to submit your full manuscript for consideration.

A good way to get your proposal reviewed by Injoy, Inc. is to participate in a writing contest; finalists’ proposals are reviewed as part of the contest. To receive up-to-date information about current contests, be sure to click here and like the Injoy, Inc. Facebook page.

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