The Livingstone Library consists of a five-book series chronicling the adventures of the Livingstone children, who solve mysteries while uncovering other hidden truths. Sprinkled within the clever stories are Latin phrases, mysterious characters, scientific discoveries, and advanced vocabulary that will cause the reader to learn more than they realize as they solve the mystery with the Livingstones.

Speak No Evil is the first book of the series, and is a story about how the children find themselves in an altered reality.

Musicians will be delighted with the musical metaphors that are orchestrated into Song of Rebellion. Young science lovers will enjoy the references to weather, chemical reactions, matter, energy, wildlife, and the environment, while such topics as cave life, sound waves, animal husbandry and even the manufacturing of pyrotechnics is introduced.

Using the allegorical element of literature, readers might enjoy pondering the deeper story that is told of what happens when pride gets in the way of ambition, and the ensuring rumbling of disaster that awaits those who erect a monument to their arrogance in the third book, Echoes of Thunder.

Seeds of the Whirlwind is a book blooming with garden metaphors! Join the Livingstones as they solve the mystery of buried treasure at Rhemawood, and in the process discover clues for unlocking the hidden potential of the human spirit.

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